Service Commercial Construction specializes in all aspects of retail and restaurant construction. Serving the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin and Houston areas, our skilled team has worked on everything from shopping centers and retail shops to casual restaurants and car dealerships.

Retail and restaurant build-outs have their own very distinct set of planning, construction and project management requirements. The customer-centric focus of both types of spaces require experience with high-end designs specialized equipment.

In the case of restaurants, it takes a bit more than a knowledge of working with unique materials and equipment; it takes a specific understanding of health codes, safety and ADA compliance issues as they relate to the systems required in food prep, grease venting, grease interception and fire suppression.

Service Commercial Construction has the experience to build commercial restaurant and retail sales spaces as well as the knowledge and contacts to help such projects move smoothly and efficiently through all phases of the planning, construction and inspection processes.